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Terms of Service

German Hospital Service offers different service packages associated with different prices:

1. For processing the treatment request, putting together and providing a startup information package and setting up a customer’s account in our database with all the relevant medical information, ready to present to the hospital, the registration fee is 50.-Euro

2. If the customer wants to contact the hospital himself, without our assistance, we can locate suitable hospitals and provide the names and contact data for 2- 3 well-qualified clinics for the requested treatment. For this Information Service, the additional fee is 80.-Euro.

3. If the customer prefers that we contact the hospital on his behalf to get a medical treatment opinion, cost estimate and a letter of treatment confirmation, the contact information and an appointment date with our assistance, the additional fee for Full Referral Service is 300.-Euro.

4. If customers need a visa to come to Germany, and they require our assistance with the embassy, we can assist by gathering the necessary documents from the hospital, sending them to the customer by international courier and contacting the embassy to assist the visa issuing process. Visa assistance service can only be booked in addition to referral service, , the additional fee is 400.- Euro.

5. We are also happy to provide additional Personal Services, like personal welcome at the airport, transfer to the hospital, booking of hotel accommodation for escorts, personal assistance with the hospital administration, personal presentation to the doctor, arranging interpreter services if necessary, assistance during hospital stay and after discharge, including an expert check of the hospital bills etc. For these services, the fee depends on the time that is required by the customers. Our normal rate is 150.- € per hour including travel times, plus travel expenses.

The fees for packages 1 to 4 are payable in advance: We can only provide the documents or information packages after we have received the payment. As we have no way to guarantee that the customers can take advantage of the information we provide, or that the embassy issues the necessary visa, these fees are not refundable. The fee for services as described in 5 is payable upon arrival to Germany. The deposit payment can be made by credit card (Paypal), Western Union transfer or bank transfer. Details will be provided when you return the form indicating which services you require and which way of money transfer you prefer.

Liabilities: We guarantee that we will handle any documents you provide with utmost care and confidentiality. Further, we guarantee that we will propose at least one first-class hospital where your treatment will be possible. We will however not be responsible if the treatment cannot be given as planned because the diagnoses are different from what was to be expected based on your information, if the treatment is not as successful as hoped or has any adverse side effects; this is not within our area of responsibility.

Once we have the personal information, your medical reports and the advance payment, we will set out to get your treatment arranged immediately.


Supplementary services:

     Medical translations: 25.-Euro per page

     Additional car travel with you or your companion: 1.50 Euro per km

    Separate transfer of a companion who is not travelling with the patient: 150.- Euro

     Assistance with telephone consultation (conference call if possible): 50.- Euro

If there are other services you might be interested in, please let us know. We will prepare an individual package for you.



Please note:

Our services consist only of referral, arrangement and assistance and will be billed accordingly. The cost of all services which you enlist through our mediation, like transport, rental car, mobile phone etc. shall be paid by you directly. The hospital and doctor´s services will be billed to you directly from them and you will responsible for these payments accordingly. They are not part of our service but we offer to check the bills with you to help you avoid paying false bills.

German clinics usually require foreign patients without German health insurance, that an advance payment is deposited prior to admission into the hospital. Of course this can be paid cash, by traveller cheque or credit card. In addition, we also offer our account as trust account for the transfer of funds, if that is convenient to our customers.

In many cases, the visa authorities require patients to make these advance payments before travelling to Germany. Here also, we can assist in the process.

Payments: Credit card via Paypal, Western Union money transfer or deduction-free international money transfer to our bank account, (see page Payments), cash in in US-Dollar or Euro. , the interbank exchange rate of the day of payment being used.