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For the services of German Hospital Service there are certain fees. They are described in our Terms of Reference and on the page “Terms”.

As we experience frequently, that our expertise is requested without true intention to get a treatment arrangement through our referral, we have been forced to adopt the rule to require advance payment for most fees. Please understand, that we have to work that way if we want to avoid unpaid work

In addition, in most countries, where visa are required for trips to Germany, the visa authorities ask for documents that proove the advance payment of treatment costs.

For all such money transfers we suggest the following possibilities:

  1. For transfer of smaller amounts, customers can use their credit cards and the internet payment service Paypal. For the payment of the advance deposit, we usually send a payment request via Paypal.
  2. In countries where Paypal is not available, we suggest using Western Union Money transfer. The service is available worldwide.
  3. For bigger amounts, normal bank transfer is preferable. Usually we provide the bank details of the hospital, so customers can send their advance payment there directly.
  4. Our bank account can also be used to transfer money to Germany. The details are:
    • Recipient: Johann W. von Krause
      Account: 701 679 856
      Bank: Postbank Nürnberg
      Bank Code: 760 100 85
      IBAN: DE09760100850701679856

 This account can also be used as trust account to transfer payments to the clinic or physician.

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