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Treatment in German Hospitals - within easy reach for you

German Hospital Service is a young and active company with residence in the North of Germany. The Johann W. von Krause, Senior Consultant modern and efficient medical centres at Berlin, Hannover, Hamburg, Magdeburg and Leipzig are within easy reach. Our speciality is patient referral, that means we can be your personal advisor regarding the treatment of your health problems by physicians and hospitals in Germany and arranging your treatment by the most suitable institution. The basis of our expertise is the experience that our senior consultant, Johann W. von Krause, has gathered in more than 15 years of service as CEO in different hospitals in the south and south-west of Germany. With this, you can feel assured that, from the vast spectrum of possibilities, we will pick and suggest tElena von Krause, Director, Chief Coordinator for Russiao you the clinic which is really the best for you - by medical standards but also regarding the ambience and the additional service factors. And we can ensure that, when the invoices are presented, no unfavourable mistakes happen: We will check them together with you.

When you arrive in Germany, we can welcome you in German, English, Russian, French and Spanish, in the first three languages we can serve as qualified interpreters.

By the way: Most of our competitors in the patient referral business work on a commission basis, demanding fees as a percentage of the hospital costs, sometimes also getting commissions from the hospitals at the same time. We do not think that is appropriate, because we want to be free and neutral when we give our advice regarding the hospital most suitable for your treatment. And we want to be able to advise you regarding cost effectiveness as well - free of commission considerations. Your needs as a patient are our paramount issue.

So when can we welcome you?