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Our business: Patient referral
Let us make medical treatment available to you

Our services for international patients include but are not limited to

  • Information about the most suitable clinics for treating your health problem
  • Organizing the contact with the clinic we choose together with you
  • Translation of medical documents if necessary (from English and Russian)
  • Transfer between Airport and Hospital
  • Organizing an appropriate hotel for persons who are accompanying you

How we work

It is our job, to organise medical treatment for you exactly as it suits you health needs. And as different patients will be in different medical conditions we also offer a number of different support packages

  • Often, the medical situation is pretty much clear: You have already had comprehensive diagnostics, you physicians have advised you to have a certain treatment done - usually some form of surgery, perhaps with additional therapy like chemotherapy or radiation therapy. For the one or other reason you would like to get this treatment in a hospital is Germany. Of course you are looking for a clinic with an attractive ambience and highly competent physicians.
    In this situation, we find the appropriate clinic for you, arrange the reservations for your treatment. The physicians in Germany will require to see the relevant medical information and documentation, reports, x-rays etc. We will convey these to him and ensure translation when necessary (Many German physicians are fluent in English and will not need this.) On this basis, we can get a first medical appraisal and a description of the possible treatment plan. Also, we can give you an estimate on the costs you will have to expect.
  • If you are coming from a Non-EC country, we can help with the necessary documents to obtain a visa and contact the visa authorities on your behalf.
  • Once you arrive in Germany, we can welcome you at the airport, take you to the clinic and assist in the admission procedures. If necessary, we will accompany you for your initial appointment with the physician who will be in charge of your treatment.
  • If you have someone who escorts you for your treatment in Germany, we can organise the necessary accommodation - either as escort person in the hospital (a service which many clinics offer) or in a suitable nearby hotel. Help in getting a rented car or a SIM-card for the mobile phone is equally possible.
  • In other cases, our customers are not quite sure yet regarding the treatment, and look for necessary consultation and diagnostics only. However, it makes sense to have this done by the hospital that could also continue the treatment. Or customers are simply looking for a second oppinion before deciding to undergo the treatment that was suggested by their physician. These situations do not call for immediate hospital care, but you can also rely on us for comprehensive assistance: We will find a competent physician, forward the necessary documents, arrange the appointment with the physician and can accompany you there.
  • If, as a consequence of this consultation, you need hospital treatment, we will take care of all the necessary arrangements as described above.
  • In certain medical situations, it will be appropriate to stay around after the acute hospital phase: Some therapies might follow on an outpatient basis, or a follow-up treatment in one of the many good rehabilitation clinics is indicated to strengthen the success of treatment. Here as well, you can rely on our organisational and linguistic assistance.
  • When it is time to go home, we will organise the transfer, take care of any formalities that might remain. Or we organise an attractive touristic programme for you and your company, so you can add some days of vacation before you return - hopefully as fit as can be.

Special Service for International Insurance Companies:

Hospital Bill Checking

As experts in the German hospital scene we offer to check the bills which your customers present for reimbursement. We know from experience, that some hospitals in Germany do not adhere to the law when treating foreign patients. If you have any doubts, we check the bills for you.