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Spinal Surgery

Treatment of collapsed vertebral discs or severe disc prolapses:

Artificial disc replacement “Pro-Disc” by one of the best specialists in Germany,
Dr. med. univ. Rudolph Bertagnoli, Straubing.

Dr. med. univ. Rudolph Bertagnoli acquired his extensive orthopaedic training at such renowned spine centers as Werner-Wickert-Klinik, Bad Wildungen, Germany. He was then appointed head of department for the spine center of the Orthopaedic Department at the University of Göttingen. In 1994 he joined Orthopaedics Associates as head of department for spinal surgery.

He strives to offer a comprehensive concept of treatment for your spinal problem ("Global spine management"). His credo is that one needs to know every step of the "stairway of treatment" to determine the right choice at every given moment of treatment.

The treatments offered by Orthopedics Associates include conservative treatment, injections, minimal invasive surgery and invasive spinal operations such as scoliosis correction.

Arthroplasty began to develop in the nineties. Dr. Bertagnoli`s main interest was in this field of research right from the beginning and our department meets the present state of the art. We can be considered forerunners internationally and nationally in several techniques.

Dr. Bertagnoli is focusing on non-fusion technologies.

This young, innovative section of spinal surgery strives to reestablish the spinal structures.

The classic fusion techniques can take away the pain source – yet while sacrificing mobility.

This transfers additional stress to the healthy adjacent segments. They can be damaged by the long-term overload – especially in younger patients.

Arthroplastic techniques maintain mobility, and protect the adjacent segments and the stabilizing ligaments and muscles.

For this aim ever new techniques and even smaller, less invasive ways of access are being developed.
Arthroplasty is the future in spinal surgery.

    · ADR - full disc prothesis of the lumbar spine

    · ADR - full disc prothesis of the cervical spine

    · Dorsal dynamic stabilization (Dynesys)

Dr. Bertragnoli and his team operate in a number of hospitals. One is Klinikum St. Elisabeth, Straubing, a level III (central care responsibility) clinic with over 450 beds, which is a joint venture of the City of Straubing and the Order of St. Elisabeth. The modern facilities (1997) provide up-to-date standard in medical as well as hotel categories. The hospital is situated in southern Germany, not far from Muenchen, and has an accreditation as teaching hospital for the Muenchen Technical University Hospital.

German Hospital Service is proud to cooperate with this hospital, especially the spine team. We can arrange treatment in all cases of severe backache due to spinal chord problems by these renowned specialists in spine surgery.

Please use our contact sheet to get in touch with us if you want more information. We will get back to you immediately.